15 August Images

15 August Images

Happy 15th of August Crafts 2019 – Top 10 August 15th Craft Ideas 2019

Happy 15th of August Crafts 2019 – : 15th of August is termed as Independence Day of INDIA and people celebrate this day by throwing a party. Party of 15th of August is worthless without decorations ideas. This Independence Day, let’s decorate our house with homemade 15th of August crafts. We should motivate our kids to make these crafts to decorate their schools and houses. In this article, we have some interesting 15th of August crafts for preschoolers. These crafts are quite handy and safe. On 15th of August, whole Indian is decorated with lots of easy 15th of August crafts.


Happy 15th of August Crafts | Best 10 Innovative Craft Ideas 2019

Here we have some interesting ideas for kids and adults as well so that you can make your house more beautiful with theses easy 15th of August crafts. If you will try the given 15th of August craft ideas then it is not much time consuming or not a big deal for your pocket.  
1. Red, White, And Blue Drink Holder
Dress up yourself and get prepared to make drink holder with red, white or blue color. Then decorate this with the help of some other colors, glitters, and ribbon. Then place these drink holders in your dining room. This is one of the easiest 4th of July crafts for toddlers as you only need few minutes to make this craft.
2. India Door Banners
In order to make this 15th of August craft, we have to press the high-tact fabric adhesive to the back of blue canvas fabric. Then with the help of the internet, you can imprint a picture of the mainland on it. Then remove the adhesive backing with the help of a scissor. Then cut the felt in your state’s shape. Then mark your hometown on it. With the help of embroidery make a French knot on it and hang it on your door with a ribbon.
3. Patriotic Sack Buckets
We know that life, liberty, and happiness are the honor world from the Declaration of Independence. So we can coat large galvanized tubs with white metal primer. Then you need to paint each of the tubs with different shades of blue color. Buy some letter stickers which spell “life, liberty, and happiness” and stick them on your tubs.

4. Flag Centerpieces
This could be the star of the evening as it is placed on the table. This flag base centerpiece is attractive and gives a patriotic look to your dining table. This is one of the easiest 15th of August crafts for preschoolers. They can also invite their friends to help them and create this amazing centerpiece.
5. Paper Fireworks
We all love fireworks so let’s make some décor firework crafts. In order to make rockets you need to roll the cardboard paper in the cylinder shape. Then with the help of another cone-shaped cardboard paper, make its nose. Then decorate your rockets with the help of ribbons and different colors (orange, white and green). Green a dowel inside the tube to support your rocket.
6. Metallic Garland Crafts
This is one of the cheapest 15th of August arts and crafts ideas. You can make any garland and color it with blue, white and red color. This garland will decorate your house’s door..

7. Recycled Bottle Centerpiece
Instead of throwing waste bottles we can use them to make a centerpiece. Bring two bottles and color them with red, white and blue color. Then use some glitter pens to write some patriotic message on them. You make small flags and put them in the open part of the bottles. Now your waste bottles are converted into beautiful 15th of August craft.
8. Fifteen of August Patriotic Wreath
Have fun making these INDIA Patriotic Wreath around 15th of August with your kids and then hang them on your door or any other place you like. Kids will enjoy decorating them and being patriotic. Put clothespins to good use by turning them into this adorable wreath. This is a great way to make learning fun. You can also use some papers or flower too.
9. Patriotic Paper Chains
This is a very simple fifteen of August craft made with white, Orange or Green paper and a gum. Older kids will enjoy making the colors go in a pattern like a flag while even young kids will enjoy painting with the three colors. You can make this paper chain at your home and it is very easy to make.

10. Indian Flag For kids Craft
A homemade Indian flag that your kids can wave alongside a 15th of August parade. This flag is made from craft foam so it’s able to stand up to even “toddler-strength waving”. Make multiple flags to use as decoration around the house or yard or even for a party.

Fifteen of August Crafts For Kids, Toddlers, Preschoolers & Adults

The decoration of your house with handmade materials is quite easy. You only need to spend some time and some decorative materials in order to make such items. Follow this article for July 15th craft ideas. Hope these August 15th crafts ideas will help you in planning your Indian Independence day in a better way and make it a joyous occasion for you, your kids and your whole family. We hope you have fun making your India 15th arts and crafts. Make sure to check out the other posts in this series of 15th of August 2019.
Happy Independence Day 2019!!

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