15 August Images

15 August Images

Happy 15th of August Greetings 2019 – 15th of August Greeting Card Message & Sayings 2019

Happy 15th of August Greetings 2019 : 15th of August is the Independence Day of INDIA. On this day people make lots of 15th of August cards and send them to their friends. The people of INDIA celebrate this day with their family members but first, they send their greetings. They use a different medium to send their wishes like some people share the greetings on social media, some people send their greeting with gifts and some people make 15th of August cards. You can either buy a greeting card or make it yourself. If you are willing to make some greeting cards then you can follow the article.

Happy 15th of August Greetings | Fifteen of August Greeting Cards 2019

If you want to send your 15th of August greetings via greeting card then you can visit your nearby store and buy a new card for your friend. But there are lots of people who want to make a different card for different people. This day is not a classic occasion to send a card but this doesn’t mean that you can’t send Fifteen of August cards. We have some simple steps greeting cards ideas to make your card more attractive. So here are some 15th of August greeting cards ideas that will help you to make a new card.

15th of August India Flag Card
This card is quite easy to make as you need to draw a flag with Orange, White and Green color on a gray color card paper. Then use some other colors to make some stars and use a glitter pen to decorate it. You can also use some ribbons to make its boundary. This would be the easiest 15th of August greeting card which can be made within few minutes.

Wikki Stix Fireworks Card
In order to make this card, you need to arrange a black color paper and fold it into two halves. Then made some blue, red and white Wikki Stix. Write a beautiful August 15th greetings inside the greeting card with a light color. You can also use a glitter pen to write August 15th greetings with different colors. Then cut some strips of different colors and paste it on your card.

Patriotic Friend Card Design
This card design is for those who want to share their happy 15th of August greetings to their friends. The design of this card is quite simple and quick. You just have to arrange some Fifteen of August cut outs and then paste them on your card. You can also make a drawing of shaking hands and fill some light colors. Then you just have to write some happy 15th of August greetings inside it.

Brave Army Card Design
This day is a salute to all the army men who fight for the safeguard of the country. So we can also make this card with an army design and use gray color paper as base paper. You can also write an inspirational message on your card. This card is full of patriotic feeling and is simple to make. You can also paste an army picture on your card.

15th of August Cards | 15th of August Greeting Card Images & Pictures
Hope you all enjoyed all the above collection of “15th of August Greeting Cards”. If you enjoyed our collection and you want us to share more pictures with you all then do let us know in comments below. We again wish you a very Happy 15th of August 2019 to all of you, may God bless you with lots of richness in your beautiful life. Thanks for visiting. For more updates, please visit again this site, which belongs to Happy 15th of August 2019.
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